We worked on this task in teams, each person picking a clue to research and the rest of the team working together on any that were left over or that we struggled with pooling our collective resources to complete the task.

1.Who made it? What is it’s title and why was it controversial?

Image result for paris kiss picture lego

The above photo was the first picture on the sheet provided. I used the search function on my phone to look up famous (and infamous) kiss scenes, and although there were several similar compositions that were very similar, eventually I managed to find who the photographer was, Robert Doisneau. From there i discovered that the photo was taken in 1940’s Paris just after the second world war was created. The photo is called “Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Vile” It sparked controversy when several different couples all claimed to be the couple in the photo, despite the photographer announcing that the couple in the photo were in fact a pair of models.

https://iconicphotos.wordpress.com/2009/05/08/le-baiser-de-lhotel-de-ville/  (original non lego photo and source)


2.Name the illustrator responsible for this mask

Image result for guy fawkes mask

This mask has several connotations, having starred in the cult classic film, V for Vendetta and for being the mask used by the hacker group known as Anonymous, the mask depicts the visage of Guy Fawkes, who was an English man charged with treason for attempting to blow up the Palace of Westminster, where parliament is held (house of commons and house of lords). the original V for Vendetta comic illustrator was a man called David Lloyd, however the story itself was written by Allan Moore.

3. A dress caused much disagreement in 2015

Image result for the dress

Do you perceive it as blue/black or white/gold?


Can you explain why people see if differently?


Different people interpret colour in different ways, what is my blue may not appear the same shade of blue to someone else, simply because of colour constancy, how the brain interprets colour.

4. Harry Becks iconic diagram of the London underground famously represents tube stations and lines topologically and not to scale. Find and print a re-working of this map that features comedians, footballers and philosophers. Who made it, and where can you get a print of it?

The Great Bear by Simon Patterson in 1992, found by searching ‘tube map famous people’ on google search. Can be bought at the London Transport Museum shop.

5- This still is from the opening sequence to which film?

Image result for salvador dali film stills

This still is from Un Chien Andalou 1928 directed by Salvador Dali

6- Who designed this work?

What historical style does it reference?

When was it designed and to what use was it put?

Where would you find this ‘original’ now?

7-Who made this poster? What message is it communicating?

Image result for el lissitzky beat the white

I initially thought that this image resembled the work of Malevitch, a Russian designer who specialised in the Suprematilist style, however i was wrong. This piece is actually by El Lissitzsky, titled ‘beat the white’. It is a form of propaganda depicting red as the Bolsheviks and white as the white movement during the Russian Civil War.

8-Who is this man? What is he famous for (other than being on t-shirts)? How many consumer products can you find that use his image as ‘merchandise’?

9-What is a meme? How many meme’s can you find for Aylan Kurdi?

A meme is an image, phrase or motif that is popular with internet users, such as Pepe the Frog, typically they are humorous in nature, though some may carry political themes.

Alan Kurdi memes: (why would you make a meme of a dead child? No. Just no. Bad internet.)

While i wouldn’t personally call them memes, there are many popular and political illustrations relating to Alan Kurdi, a child who drowned fleeing Syria with the rest of his family and sparked controversy in the debate on how refugees are treated. Since many of the images i found feature a dead child, I will refrain from posting any of the photos here, however a simple google image search will turn up many illustrations. Artists include Cathy Wilcox and Mark Knight.

10- in LRC2 find a magazine with a portrait of Mercury prize winner David Okumu on the cover. What is the magazine called? Who is the editor of the magazine? What is the theme for this issue of the magazine?

British journal of photography- portrait of Britain

11-In the LRC2 find work by the illustrator Bill Bragg.What award did he win with his work ‘but today i’m afraid?’ What’s the context for this work?

12- Ben Venoms work is on the cover of what journal in the LRC2? Find the article. What form does Ben work in.

13- How did this photo change human consciousness?

Image result for view of the earth from the moon

This photo is a view of the Earth from the moon. It made many people more aware of how precarious humanities place in the Universe is, while for other people the picture humbled them. The photo is known as ‘Earthrise’ and was taken by Apollo 8.